Vesna Tours is a dedicated and enthusiastic group of travel experts who bring a high degree of expertise, professionalism developed over a decade of working with international organizations.

We offer well planned and innovative programs which are both contemporary as well as in accordance with the requirements of our client.

As our valued customers can attest, our unique understanding of the regional travel market and International education industry ensures that participants will derive the maximum benefit from their travel experiences with us.

Our mission as a company is to offer the highest possible level of client satisfaction and we aim to meet this by providing a highly personalized service, that is always courteous and pays attention to every minute detail.

We believe in growth through sustainability.

We work with individuals and NGOs across our destinations to help improving the lives of those less fortunate as well as to maintain the pristine environment of our jungles.

Our Team

Vesna Tours’s evolution has been led by the vision and the spirit of each of its team members. The growing team is consistently implementing innovation and technology to ensure that we will meet the changing demands of the rapidly changing travel market. By combining our experience in collaboration, professionalism, creativity and travel industry knowledge we ensure that you will have an unforgettable experience with us.

International Representation

Each of our International representatives assist both Vesna as well as our clients. They are available in the same time zones so as to assist with immediate queries and information on our products and services. With their vast knowledge they assist in planning as well as development of programs to align with the requirement of the client. Their innate understanding of the business allows us to offer a more relevant product to our clients.

Advisory Board

Chris has travelled all over the world and has an in-depth understanding of specific needs and wants of Domestic and International tourists. Over the years he has travelled globally and boasts exceptional networking skills. With over 20 years of experience, Chris brings dedication, commitment and the highest quality standards to every project that he undertakes. Being a professional architect and a landscape specialist, Chris utilizes both traditional and contemporary ideas in his market research. His valuable experience is sure to lead Vesna Tours to greater heights.

M. Baskaran (Chris)

Monis lives in California, United States. He is a senior technology executive working for a large global consulting firm and focuses on managing large technology project that takes him around the world. He brings extensive global travel experience to our organization and provides broad perspective on the ever changing needs of business travelers, new trends and expectation for international events and conferences.

Monis Muzaffar

"Greg’s extensive experience working with international students and scholars includes 11 years as a senior international admissions officer for three U.S. universities. For almost 25 years he developed, designed and led focused international student recruitment tours in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, India and the Caribbean. As an independent consultant, Greg has worked with clients in the areas of Intercultural Communications, Leadership Development, Change Management and Customer Service. Additionally, he has worked for a major U.S. commercial airline for more than 20 years and is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in his home state of New York."

Gregory T. Walker