Peter von Loesecke
CEO The MBA Tour, US

The staff at Vesna Tours has managed The MBA Tour’s travel for years. They are very organized and very knowledgeable of the region and our clients feel most comfortable traveling with them. The MBA Tour will have Vesna Tours manage our travel


Arvind Vepa
Student Recruitment Marketing
University College London, UK

A wealth of experience combined with personal attention, thoughtful touches and warm hospitality underpin the excellent service provided by Mishkat and his team. I have liaised with Vesna Tours for individual and group arrangements in India (and neighbouring countries) over the years and look forward to doing so in the future. I wish Vesna every success.

Freeda Khan
Associate Director, International Programs & Services
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada

We have used Vesna Tours for the past few years for our study tours and found their service to be exemplary. Vesna is a pleasure to work with and provides fantastic customer service prior to departure, on the ground and post tour. Our tours are complex but working with Vesna ensures our tours are run smoothly especially when unexpected issues occur. It’s great to have Vesna as our partner!

Ryan Lemon
Program Specialist, Office of
International Education and Programs, SUNY Oswego, U.S.

We have worked with Mishkat and his team since 2004. Since then, we have used their impeccable services for International Recruiting tours as well as short term study abroad planning. The level of personal attention you will receive from Vesna will be evident from the moment you inquire. I personally would recommend Mishkat and Vesna, to anyone, anywhere in the world.


Kerri Regan
Associate Director
Centre for International Management
Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, Canada

I have worked with Mishkat for the past 5 years leading Executive MBA field seminars to India. He is truly customer oriented, 100% reliable, honest, trustworthy, and can give you local insights which turn into highlights on a study trip. As a logistics partner, I highly recommend him and his team highly

Austin Brown
Regional Director, International Development
Corporate Marketing, International & Development Services
Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Vesna Tours have been providing us with travel and event management solutions for just over five years now. During this time, we have benefitted from the access they have to exclusive rates and more importantly strong networks and relationships across the sector in India and South Asia. Their staff are very hard working and genuinely care about client wellbeing and safety. I would happily recommend their services.

JoBeth Brudner
Managing Director
Linden Educational Services, USA

Linden Educational Tours has selected Vesna Tours as our partner in India for many years because their ability to handle the logistics of the tour allows us to do our jobs effectively and professionally; that of concentrating on the universities and students. Vesna pays attention to every travel detail be it ground transportation, flights, hotels, or selecting the perfect venue for a welcome dinner. The staff is competent, well connected, kind, welcoming and thoroughly connected. Communicating with Vesna pre, and post tour is easy, it seems that they never sleep and having a staff member on tour to solve any problem that may arise is a huge plus. This company provides expert, stress free travel in a complex country.


Martin Fiddler
Engineering School Admissions Tutor, Placements Tutor, student recruitment coordinator, Aeronautical BSc and MSc Award
Leader, Senior Lecturer
Staffordshire University, UK

I have used Vesna now for several years. I undertake international recruitment in India for Staffordshire University; requiring three visits each year to a range of cities in India, from Delhi to Kolhapur, from Chennai to Coimbatore. Vesna are always the agent I use, for the booking of internal flights (where they get good rates and allow me to access low cost airlines that can only be booked in India), the booking of hotels (where they again get good rates) and for local cars, where they can arrange airport pickups as well as cars for daily use, for travelling between colleges and agencies that we work with. Their communications are good and the staff very professional and easy to work with.

Preety Bansal
India, Newcastle University, U.K

Team at Vesna is truly customer oriented and the services extended are exemplary !. If you are planning an Asian tour, I would suggest to contact Vesna before looking in to any other Travel Management Organization. As a logistics partner, I highly recommend Mishkat and his team & wish them all the luck for their future endeavors


Rick Rudolph
MBA Head Marketing & Recruitment,
Duisenberg school of finance, The Netherlands

My work requires frequent travel around the globe, but I am always happy to return to India due the hassle-free logistic services offered by Mishkat and team at Vesna Tours. Their on-time, reliable and friendly services makes travel in India a pleasure, whether you are a first time visitor or returning for the sixteenth time. More importantly, their value proposition for accommodation and domestic travel will be hard to beat

Nick Barniville
Director, MBA Programs, European School of
Management and Technology (ESMT), Germany

I have worked with Mishkat for the past 5 years leading Executive MBA field seminars to India. He is truly customer oriented, 100% reliable, honest, trustworthy, and can give you local insights which turn into highlights on a study trip. As a logistics partner, I highly recommend him and his team highly


Tanya Clarke
Regional Manager (South Asia)
The University of Waikato, New Zealand

I have been working with Vesna now for over five years. I have always found their services to be a high standard. They provide competitive quotes; They are always available to assist me when I’m in country and have provided me with prompt, valuable assistance even in the most difficult circumstances. Their staff are personable, professional and work to a consistently high standard. I would highly recommend them to anybody who is planning a business trip through South Asia.

Vivienne Helps
Senior Marketing Consultant
Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Vesna have been my preferred travel agent in India for the past may years and I have been very satisfied with the services. They have provided me with competitive hotel prices and airfares and the service has been prompt. Vesna also organise much of my road transport throughout India and this has been reliable and efficient which is important to me as I am there on business. I recently recommended Vesna to a group of friends who were coming on a tourist and social trip. This was for 12 couples who had not been to India before and they reported to me on return that they were well looked after from airport arrival to departure some days later. They were able to get good advice from Vesna prior to leaving and felt that Vesna handled their trip well so they could relax and enjoy it.

Mariya Toneva
Project Operations Director
Advent Group, Bulgaria

We have been working with Vesna Tours for the past 4 years and thanks to their great professionalism and dedication our events in India are always very well organised. They always have solution for any problem and are ready to support us literally with any request at any time. Mishkat and Muskaan and the whole team of Vesna Tours are already an integral part of our Access MBA and Access Masters teams in India. I highly recommend them if you plan to organise events, business or personal trips in India!


Helen T. Dunn
Assistant Director of Global Programs
McIntire School of Commerce
University of Virginia

Vesna is quite simply one of the best travel providers that you could work with. Their full-service mentality really is comprehensive—our group had support at any time of day and for any task, before and during travel, and I was confident at all times that any task being handled by Vesna was going to be taken care of perfectly. Our pre-trip planning was simple, and our tour manager was on hand at all times to inform our planning logistics from big details to small ones. Supporting a group of 22 students and 2 faculty and staff is a large task, and Vesna really did make the planning a lot less stressful for us by being hands-on and willing to fill in gaps where we were unable to. Upon arrival, Vesna always kept our group in excellent operating order. Things were always on time, logistics were always very well-thought out, and the group always felt secure and at ease while working with Vesna. While we were on the ground, Vesnsa made my life so much easier—they took care of tasks that normally I would handle myself, allowing me to enjoy my time abroad even more. The students bonded with our tour manager and have maintained contact with him since. The transition out of country and back to the United States was easy, and our final bill was exactly as expected and totally clear. I can’t say enough good things about working with Vesna!


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